Stress and Your Body

I just listened to an interesting talk on stress and wanted to share some takeaways because it was eye opening for me. Let's be honest, we are all living fast paced lives and stress is overwhelming at times. While this post is a little "scientific and nerdy" I think you will find it beneficial. There are two types of stress: positive and negative. Stress is a normal reaction to exciting events like falling in love, getting a new job, or buying a home. Stress is also a hardwired survival technique built into your body as a means of protection. When triggers arise, the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) signals the "fight or flight response" which mobilizes you to take action and avoid danger. T

Are You Craving Movement?

Stress, demanding work schedules, and daily obligations can all create tension in the body which could lead to physical symptoms such as chronic aches, headaches and constipation. Many people try and alleviate these symptoms with medication, sugar, or alcohol which only adds to their unease. I have personally found that exercise is a GREAT way to relieve tension and stress. Developing a regular exercise routine that suits your body type and lifestyle will do wonders for your health. You will begin to see an increase in energy, improved mindset, and physical changes. Start with activities that sound fun to you, then choose a few that you love. Do them consistently, and make them a priority in

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