Why You Should Befriend a Physical Therapist

I was in a public speaking class the other day and we had to come up with a 4 minute speech on a topic that we are passionate about. Here is what came to my mind within the first 10 seconds of thinking of what to talk about. I believe that everyone should have access to their own “personal” Physical Therapist. One that knows the demands of their schedule, the demands of their body, and one that is willing to push them to meet their specific goals. Now, this is not really a thing, unless you are Jennifer Anniston who has her own personal Physical Therapist because she gets it. Don’t believe me? Read this article It makes my profession sound really cool :) In all seriousness though, October is

Eating Healthy On-the-Go

Life is crazy for most people these days, and introducing a new lifestyle can make it more hectic. Most people will start to freak out when they are on-the-go or traveling because they have no idea how to keep their healthy eating in check while away from home. The good news is – it's easy once you understand the basics. Here are my tips for eating healthy on-the-go: Always opt for the grilled, broiled, or baked protein and veggies. Look for wild fish such as salmon, wild game such as bison, or grass-fed beef. Remember this equation: protein + produce + healthy fat = fast fat loss. You may think this sounds boring, but your digestion and waistline won’t. Remember, it’s the conversation and p

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