How I Maintain Healthy Eating While on the Road

One of the hardest things I have had to figure out is how to eat healthy while also enjoying myself on out of town trips. Over the years I have found items that are healthy, easy to pack and easy to prep. Below are the options I packed on our lake trip this weekend. Breakfast: I bought Rebbl drinks that were jam packed with clean ingredients, carbs, protein and fat so I was full but did not have to worry about bringing a blender for a smoothie. I highly recommend them. There are a ton of different flavors. Some with protein, some with coffee. Pick what is best for you based on your goals. Here is a link to REBBL website. I found mine at my local grocery store. I packed two drinks which left

My Zyia Why

I was challenged by my mentor to share my “why” for joining the Zyia Active Company. I know why I joined in my heart, but sharing that “why” with others makes it much more powerful, so here goes. For starters… My “why” for my passion project, Julie FitSmith, is rooted in a deep place in my heart. Every single business decision I make boils down to my why. So let’s start there. It is my mission in life to live the life I DESERVE and to inspire and motivate women to live the life they DESERVE. I approach health and wellness from an integrative standpoint and design my coaching programs from the four pillars of what I believe make up wellness: spirituality, relationships, physical activity, and

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