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Patient Info

What to Expect:

The experience at Dr. Julie FitSmith will be very different from any type of Physical Therapy that you have had in the past. You will not be handed to a tech or spending most of your visit on a table doing the exercises on your own. Instead you will spend an hour long session with a Physical Therapist who uses a holistic approach to evaluating and treating you.


Julie will do an in-depth evaluation and use a combination of Manual Therapy techniques and Therapeutic Exercise to resolve the dysfunctions found. Time is spent only on the components of treatment that you could not do on your own. 


The goal with every patient is to identify the true cause of your symptoms, and then apply holistic treatment techniques to get you back to the activities you want to do as soon as possible.


With the hands on approach Julie uses, and the fact that each treatment session is an hour of one-on-one care, the time it takes to return to your pre-injury states is usually less than at other clinics.


Prior to your first visit, Julie will send your forms via email to fill out online. If you would prefer printed versions of these forms, she can provide this as well.


Additionally, Missouri law states that we need a physician or comparable profession’s referral before treatment can begin.


If this sounds like a good fit for you, text Julie at 314-749-9330 to get scheduled.

Rates and Insurance

All treatment sessions are one-on-one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy and are scheduled for either 1 hour or 30 minutes. The rate for treatment sessions and other services vary, so please text or call Julie at 314-749-9330 to enquire about pricing. 


Dr. Julie FitSmith is a fee-for-service clinic that is not in-network with any insurances. Upon request, receipts can be provided that include the necessary codes to send self-claims to your insurance company.


You may be wondering why insurance is not billed at Dr. Julie FitSmith. Julie has seen it time and time again… insurance companies dictate the treatment that patients receive at “in-network” clinics, and she refuses to allow that to be the case at her clinic. Julie’s priority is to get the patient better as fast as possible. The business model necessary for an “in-network” practice to survive does not allow for the high-level care Julie insists on giving her patients. She spent time in an outpatient clinic whose business model was to see as many patients as she could. The care often required the use of a tech to supervise exercises and modalities. Furthermore, these types of clinics tend to require patients to attend 2-3 visits per week. 


Julie believes that hands on treatment is far more effective than modalities and she does not agree with having patients perform exercises in the clinic  that they could easily do at home or a gym.


All patients receive one-on-one care and hands-on treatment from a Doctor of Physical Therapy in every session. Most sessions are 60 minutes unless the patient chooses 30 minute sessions. With this treatment approach and longer sessions the plan of care for the majority of our patients only involves one appointment per week.


When you consider the time savings of less trips to the clinic and the value of returning to your life faster than average the out-of-pocket expense at Dr. Julie FitSmith is a no brainer.

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