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I empower patients to quickly recover from injury with a unique holistic treatment that addresses: 

Physical Pain

Diet & Nutrition


If you’re in pain or injured in St. Louis, MO, holistic physical therapy may be your

best solution. Read the info below to learn your options for getting relief.

The Physical Therapy Treatment Approach at Dr. Julie FitSmith

Whether you’ve just recently been injured or you’ve been in pain for years, Julie Smith, PT, DPT in St. Charles, MO can very likely help… even if you’ve tried other forms of treatment. A number of things set her apart from most physical therapy clinics and treatment approaches in St. Charles, MO: She provides full-hour sessions of one-on-one care, highly effective hands on Manual Therapy techniques, and uses a holistic approach to treating the entire person for a more complete and lasting return to the active life you desire. 


You won’t waste time laying on heat packs at this clinic, or doing exercises you could do on your own time. You won’t be handed off to techs or assistants, and you won’t receive treatment from someone treating other patients at the same time. Your care will never be influenced by what an insurance company will pay for. At this clinic you get the full attention of your Physical Therapist who is focused on one thing: getting you back to the life you deserve.


Physical Therapy

 4 years ago I underwent surgery for a bone spur that had caused a lot of damage to my rotator cuff and as a result caused me to have frozen shoulder. Surgery left me repaired but still nowhere near having a mobile arm. I had suffered muscle atrophy in my right arm from not using it. Julie was my only hope. When I started seeing her I never felt uncomfortable or outside of the pain limit I could handle. After only one week of 3 days with her and exercise at home I had restored hope that I would get to use my arm again. Four years later and my bad arm has better mobility than my good arm. I would recommend Julie to anyone needing physical therapy! She is PATIENT and incredibly knowledgeable and her treatments are a change catalyst!

Heather P.  |  Wentzville, MO

About three years ago I tore my left groin muscle playing hockey. I mean I had bruising from groin to knee. I am also a firefighter and needed to get better quick. With Julie as my pt I only missed one shift of work and was back on the ice within six months! Although it was challenging at times, Julie was able to push me within my capabilities to heal the way that kept me competitive when I finally returned to the ice.

Matt G.  |  St. Louis, MO

Choose how you would like to connect with Julie to get better faster:

Free Phone Consultation

You can request a FREE phone consultation to begin figuring out the primary causes of the pain or injury you’re dealing with and ask any questions you have about how physical therapy can help you get rid of it.  Text me directly at: 314-749-9330. The information you share with us will always be kept private and handled with confidentiality.

Inquire About Availability and Cost

In order for Julie to provide you with the best manual therapy techniques, tailored specifically to your physical therapy needs, please fill out the following brief form. You can also call or text her directly at: 314-749-9330.

Free 20 Minute Discovery Session

At your discovery session you will meet in person with Julie to discuss and evaluate the injury or condition you’re dealing with. Together, we will create the best physical therapy treatment plan for your specific needs, so you can get back to doing the things you love to do without pain and limitations.

You can text us directly at 314-749-9330 to get this scheduled.

Call Now!

Call or text Julie now.


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