Skin Mapping

If you know me, you know I have struggled with my skin my entire life. I have done a lot to try and clear up my skin, and most products end the same for me- breakout followed by redness and dry skin= waste of money. When I cleaned up my diet, I noticed an improvement in my skin. When I switched to organic and all natural skin care (face wash and make up) things got even better. When I learned about skin mapping the lightbulb went off, that the final piece to my skin debacle is what is going on inside my body! With all of the facial creams and wrinkle creams being sold, I thought this was an interesting take on skin care (and a heck of a lot cheaper!)

Skin is the body’s largest organ, and it communicates with the internal organs. You have probably heard you skin is a reflection of your health. When a blemish appears on your face, it may be an indication of an imbalance which could be related to nutrition, hormones, genetics or environmental factors. Skin mapping or face mapping was originally used in Traditional Chines Medicine and Ayruveda. The idea is the face is a mirror of your health. Different areas of your face correlate to specific organs and reveal their condition. Face mapping guided me to look beyond the surface of my skin and treat the underlying cause.

FOREHEAD: the forehead is an indication of how the liver and gallbladder are functioning. Excessive fat consumption/and or too much alcohol may cause breakouts in this are.

TEMPLES AND BROW LINE: the temples and brow line indicate the health of the kidneys. Issues in this region could indicate dehydration or overworked kidneys.

BETWEEN THE EYEBROWS: the area between the eyebrows also known as the “third eye” is said to be connected to your stomach and liver. Poor digestion and toxic buildup may lead to breakouts here.

UNDER THE EYES: the area under your eyes represents the condition of the stomach, kidneys and liver. *** if you are experiencing puffiness/and or dark circles under your eyes, consider reducing/removing alcohol, caffeine, and sugar from your diet.

BRIDGE OF NOSE AND UPPER AREA OF CHEEKS: this area is said to be connected to the heart.

MIDDLE REGION OF THE CHEEKS: this region of the cheeks is an indication of the health of the stomach and lunges. This area is notorious for rosacea as well as breakouts and hyper pigmentation.

LOWER CHEEKS AND NOSE: this area gets bossed around by the liver and stomach. This area is prone to wrinkles and breakouts and can usually be blamed on food intolerances and toxic buildup.

MOUTH REGION: The mouth region is connected to the stomach. Consider food sensitivities and toxic buildup.

JAWLINE: the jawline is a window to the ovaries and/or colon, and breakouts here can be triggered by hormonal stress, especially in women.

*Remember, it all comes down to balancing your baseline health and discovering the approach that truly works for you, not against you. No two people are the same, and every individual will require a different protocol for optimal health.


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