Meet Amy

Amy has worked with me for about 6 months so I asked her to write how her experience has been so far. I wanted this mainly to use to improve what I do, but when I read it I was floored. Yes, Amy is my sister, and without a doubt my biggest fan, but I think the picture speaks for itself. I felt that I HAD to share this testimonial with my followers. She is killing it, and I am beyond proud of her.

My FitSmith experience...

In 2015 I was pregnant with my first child. I was overweight but what a blessing. Being pregnant made me want to be more cautious of what I was putting in my body. In Feb 2016 I lost my baby girl Casey at 20 weeks. I was devastated. I had made changes but after that I got to one of my heaviest weights I had ever been to. That same year my mom was diagnosed with cancer. My life was forever different. I watched my sister get into reading about all different kinds of food and how they help the body as she was trying to help my mom. I am positive the help Julie gave my mom prolonged her life that year. In February 2017, I lost my mom. By far the hardest day of my life. She was one of my best friends. But that is when Julie and I both vowed to make a difference and give back like Mom always did. Julie started classes to be able to help educate people in healthy eating. I started small no more soda... man the pounds seemed to fall off at first. Then Julie started teaching me little recipes, food I thought was gross I now love!

Julie started me on a meal plan I was amazed at how I felt different in a good way. I have more energy, more focus, and I found my love for life coming back. But from food? Yes food but not cookies and sweets and soda, from zucchini noodles (my favorite) and overnight oats and hummus with veggies! Man who was I? I was choosing an apple with peanut butter over cake. I now only drink water and that is one of my biggest accomplishments ever. I was an avid 2-3 soda a day person. I was a huge carb eater. This year at Christmas Dad brought pasta for us to eat. I looked at Julie and said I don’t know the last time I had pasta... I was a person who had pasta almost everyday. It’s amazing how when you change your food choices you don’t really miss the bad food. I hadn’t missed pasta because I had my zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash.

I started 2016 at my heaviest weight. My weight has fluctuated this year due to many things but I am proud to say I am currently down 47 pounds. I stayed off the scale through the holidays because well I did enjoy them. But to my surprise I got on the scale yesterday... I was down 2 pounds since Thanksgiving. Did I have cookies and other treats through the holidays? Yes, but my mindset is different now. If I had a treat during the day I had a salad for dinner. Did I feel deprived? No, I actually wanted the salad no one forced me. This is all about mind set not dieting. It’s a lifestyle change. I was ready and the opportunity to have my sister help me though this change is priceless. She is never negative. If I had a rough day, she would motivate me to start fresh the next day. As time went on I struggled less and less to the point where I rarely have a struggle on bad days. I have learned I can have the treat if I want it but most of the time I find now I do not even want them.

JULIEFITSMITH has helped me change my mindset on food and dieting. I love food and I don’t diet. I have changed my lifestyle.

-Amy Routt

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