How to Read a Food Label

I had a friend text me last week very frustrated. She is on a mission to reduce sugar intake and lose weight. She bought a protein bar (the brand will remain nameless) that promised to be low sugar, low cal blah blah blah. When she got home, she looked at the actual food label and saw that although there was 1 g of sugar there were 7 g of added sugar alcohols and she was not happy about it. Understanding food labels and actually knowing what is in your food is key to getting healthy and losing weight.

I found a good resource for understanding a food label:

I truly believe if you understand what the food label is telling you, you will choose a better option.

Also keep in mind if something says low sugar, or sugar free, that does not mean they haven't added sugar substitutes!

Check out this resource- it will help you understand the difference between natural sugars, artificial sweeteners, and other sugar substitutes.

Hope this helps!

Julie FitSmith

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