Fat Burning Workouts

Fat Burning Workouts:

If you are looking to burn more fat the following workouts are a great way to begin.

How to burn fat on the treadmill:

You may already know that cardio is one of the top ways to burn fat and drop weight. This has probably lead you to look for different ways to get your cardio on and burn fat at the same time. One of those methods is to use a treadmill. The misconception is that you can just get on the treadmill, set the timer, and get started. The truth to that misconception is that you will not see the results you want if you do that. Here is how you turn your treadmill into a fat burning machine and get the results you want in shorter amounts of time (who doesn't want that?).

Use the Incline Setting

One of the things you can do is set the incline setting. You want to make sure that your incline is a challenge for you, but that it is not at such a high incline that it causes pain or injury (if that happens, I know a good Physical Therapist). If you are just starting out with an incline, you may want to go with the first or second setting and then adjust them as needed. Choose a setting that is most comfortable for you. By using the incline setting you will burn more calories than if you were running on a flat surface.

Know your Target Heart Rate

Most treadmills come with a heart rate monitor built into them. Use the monitor. You may be incline to avoid it or not bother, but if you want to burn the most fat and drop the weight you need to use the monitor. For this, you will need to know your target heart rate. To figure this out you need to know your max heart rate. An easy way to figure this out for a healthy individual is (220 - your age). The target heart rate during your workout should be around 60% of your max heart rate during cool down and warm up and then 70% during the run itself. This is vital to making sure you are getting the workout intensity that you need.

Burn More Fat with Weight Training (My Favorite!)

When you think of weight training you may not think about burning fat. In fact, what you may think about is building muscle and toning up your arms or adding muscle weight. The trick to that is, most people who are new to weight training do not know that you have to burn fat to build the muscle which makes weight training ideal. Below are tips on how to make the weight training work for the fat burning you want to do.

Use the Right Weight

If you are new to weight training then you want to make sure you are choosing the right weight from the start. Most of the time starting off with body weight is ideal. You can add weightlifting bar for balance which adds a few extra pounds, but mainly gives you something to work with. Start off with low weights then work your way up as you get stronger.

Use the Right Form

There is nothing rose than workout out and either injuring yourself or realizing that you are using the wrong form and you aren't burning as much body fat. The way to fix this is to find a professional to make sure you are using the right form. A professional trainer will ensure you are using the right form which will help lead to you getting the most out of the weight training.

Circuit the Workout

Don't stick to just one form of weight or one exercise. For example, don't just do arm day and do a few of the same exercises. Circuit your body. This means that you are doing a certain amount of reps for each focus area. So for arm, you would be working all aspects of your arms and chest. You would be doing 5-10 reps on each section the doing it again for three or more circuits. This helps your body relax in one area while you are working another, and the whole time you are burning the most fat possible.

Add these Cardio Workouts

Burning fat sounds great and easy, until you get into it. Once you have been working out for a while, you may hit a moment where you just don't seem to be burning more fat or getting anywhere with the workouts. You may try to up the pace of your runs, change your weight amount on weight lifting, or any number of other things just to be at the same point. This means your body may be used to the workouts and you need to actually change your workouts.

Here are some ideas of cardio workouts you can add to your routine to help you burn fat and get back on track.

- spinning class

- indoor rock climbing

- Yoga

- Pilates

Try this workout I created for a quick burn:

1/4 mile run - moderate pace

10 burpees

15 air squats

10 push ups

1/4 mile run

10 sit ups

15 jumping jacks

10 lunges

1/4 mile run

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