Understanding Portion Control

Let’s get one thing straight – I do not believe in counting calories. Calorie counting does not help weight loss and only leads to an obsession. Instead, I recommend exercising proper portion control and tracking your meals.

Here are accurate portion sizes for the necessary food groups:

  • Protein - the size of your fist

  • Fat - the size of your thumb

  • Carbohydrates - the size of your fist

  • Vegetables - unlimited and enjoy

  • Fruits - ½ cup or 1 small fruit

Also, remember that both overeating and undereating prevent weight loss. Therefore, you must make sure you are eating enough of the right foods. You should be eating accurate portion sizes and eating every two-three hours (5-6 smaller meals per day) to keep your metabolism in fuel-burning mode.

For food tracking, I recommend myfitnesspal.com, but I also recommend keeping a food diary. Writing in a food diary allows you to keep track of what you eat as well as how the food makes you feel.


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