My 1 year anniversary with oils

Here is how my life has changed since buying my premium starter kit with Young Living over a year ago.

1. My house smells good allll the time (because Jeremy, my oily husband, makes up new blends daily).

2. I sleep like a baby! Jeremy makes a special blend in our diffuser next to our bed to help us drift off to sleep (like I need any help in that department). His blends include: thieves (immune support), lavender (relaxation and sleep), valor (smells amazing)

3. My skin care regimen now includes oils: (typically all the frank and lavender to help with those aging lines and general appearance of my skin)

4. Laundry: I have stopped using dryer sheets and gone to a more non toxic approach- dryer balls (that I found cheap on amazon) and a few drops of purification. Best smelling laundry this side of the Mississippi

5. Household Cleaner- Young living sells a household cleaner. I decided to give it a try and LOVE it. It doesn’t require a lot, so I use a capful of the thieves cleaner, plus 2 drops of lemon or citrus fresh, add to a glass spray bottle and add water. I use this non toxic cleaner everywhere now and don’t have to worry if my kids get exposed to it.

6. Carpet cleaner: Baking soda, mixed with lavender (because that is a calming oil). Sprinkle on carpet, let sit for an hour or so, and then vacuum.

7. Chest cold/ or feel like we may get sick? This is what we do:

- drop of RC on my chest with some coconut oil (carrier oil of choice)- Jeremy actually does this daily and the smell of this oil now reminds me of him

-Thieves tea: 1 cup water, 1 TBSP apple cider vinegar, honey, drop of thieve vitality oil, 1-2 drops of lemon vitality oil and 1 drop of peppermint vitality oil

- Diffuse thieves all day every day in the house to boost immunity

8. Where are my pregnant or new moms at?

Any varicose veins? I had a purple leg… literally it was purple after Miss Clara was born. I used a roller mixed with: cypress, lemongrass and coconut oil to help improve the appearance of those veins. My sister said the other day “wow your leg looks much better” Loose skin? I use gentle baby on my belly to help tighten up the skin that had stretched

**** IF you don’t feel comfortable using on baby, then don’t put on baby. I did not put oils on Clara as a newborn. I put them on me.

9. Stress relief: my favorite way is to just put oil on my wrist and let it work… Enter Stress away essential oil. Drop it on my wrist, smell good and I find that I am better able to tackle the stressful moments.

10. Make up- Young living has their own line of make up. I have wanted to switch to a non toxic line of make up that actually works so I decided to give it a try. I am really enjoying the makeup, feel that it stays on and my skin loves it too.

11. Children

- SniffleEase for the runny noses

-Gentle baby diluted on my skin to help calm a fussy baby while rocking her

- Copaiba on a teething baby’s jaw line

12. Make up remover: Young living has a line of baby products: I use their lavender baby wipes on my face to remove my makeup. I have dry skin and these never leave me dry or irritated. LOVE them!

13. Headaches: peppermint to the rescue.

14. . Cooking:

- I use oils in my water to add some flavor

- I use oils in dips for extra pop

15. Stain remover: that thieves cleaner I mentioned above is a GREAT non-toxic stain remover!

Are you interested in oils but overwhelmed and not sure how to use them? I was there, and have slowly added them into my life. Let me know what questions you have.

Julie FitSmith

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