Ditch the Uncomfortable Athletic Wear

I must admit I am a picky human when it comes to clothes, especially workout clothes. So picky that my workout pants ( the few that I have) are so old they don’t even make that style anymore. I just can't break up with them because I haven't found anything else I like.

I discovered Kora online and was immediately drawn to them. I was impressed with the design of their clothes AND they donate to charity= they got my business. I ordered pants and a matching sports bra, something I have never done (I know, go crazy folks). The clothes arrived this week and I immediately tried them on. I Loved the style and fit..... but was VERY skeptical about the functionality of it AKA does it stay where it needs to when I work out?

I put it to the test tonight:

Test 1: can I run in it without the clothes moving around? Yes, no issues here.

Test 2: can I squat, lunge and dead lift without the pants moving around? Yes, again comfortable as can be.

Test 3: The one the ladies are waiting for....Can I throw my kid into the air numerous times while maintaining good support from the sports bra? An emphatic YES!

I can honestly say this company gets my vote on my new favorite athletic gear. I love the name of the company and what it stands for "KORA verb: to become" and I love their mission "We exist to help our customers unlock the best versions of themselves in and out of the gym. We provide the athletic gear necessary to keep athletes motivated, and with every purchase an opportunity to serve someone else".

They get it- deliver a good product while also serving others- which is why I am sharing this brand with you all.

Check out their website: https://kora.grsm.io/JulieSmith894

If you want 15% off your purchase enter JulieSmith15 when checking out!

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