How to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain

My tips for preventing weight gain through the holidays:

1. Remember why you started YOUR health journey in the first place. If you need to, write out your “why”. If you haven't done this exercise yet, you are missing out on something pretty magical. You could even put it in your pocket when you go to the holiday party as a gentle reminder of why you want to stay on track.

  1. Remember the reason for the holiday party, gathering, or whatever you do over the holiday season. In my family, holidays are usually enjoyed with gobs of food (typically unhealthy), and family gatherings. We gather together to BE with each other and make memories. The food is the secondary thing, although I think some people get so caught up in what we will eat, that it becomes more about the food than the actual gathering. I always try and remember to enjoy the holiday, AND the food (I am not that crazy people) but if I overeat, I usually don’t enjoy either because I am bloated, crabby and tired.

  2. Don’t arrive hungry. Fill up on good, healthy food prior to arriving to the party. This will cut down on the amount of snacking, and even the amount of food you put on your plate. For example, in my house, we grew up eating monkey bread for breakfast on thanksgiving. If you don't know what this is, RUN to Pinterest, and make it. It is amazing, and I want that tradition to continue with my children, but I know my body and I know that eating biscuits smothered in sugar is not going to end well for me and the rest of my family later in the day (again, I will be bloated, crabby and tired). So, this is what I do. I plan some type of protein prior to eating this for breakfast. Could be hard boiled egg, protein shake without fruit due to the sugar in fruit, scrambled eggs, you get the point. I eat that first, then I can enjoy a small amount of the monkey bread. Everyone wins.

  3. I plan workouts on days I know I will be eating heavy. I am hosting thanksgiving this year, so for me I am going to wake up early, get my workout in and then enjoy the rest of the day.

  4. I cut out sugary drinks. They are loaded with calories, and I decided I would rather eat my calories than drink them. I am not shaming you if you like them. Go for it, it is your holiday, but just know that they are loaded with hidden calories and can lead to some extra weight when water would probably serve you just as well.

  5. When I eat desert, I eat small pieces (people usually laugh at my serving size). I eat the small piece and I am usually satisfied :)

  6. Remember your portion sizes when loading up your plate. If you need a refresher on portion sizes click here.

  7. Slow down the pace at which you eat. It takes time for food to hit your stomach and trigger to your brain that you are full (about 30 minutes to be exact). slow down, and actually enjoy what you are eating (I struggle big time with this!)

  8. Drink plenty of water

  9. Get an accountability partner. It could be your food journal, or a friend. Make yourself accountable and you will see your habits change.

  10. Don't forget to get plenty of sleep!

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