A tribute to my dad on the day of his retirement

If you guys are new to this page, you have probably heard me talk about my mom (ok, let’s change that probably to … you HAVE heard me talk about my mom). My dad however, is an incredible human being, but one that stays in the background making sure other people are happy, taken care of, and mostly loved (although, he will not say it with words). He does not like to be talked about, he does not like pictures, or praise. If you know my father, you know what I am talking about. He will not see this post and if I send it to him he will most likely not reply, and if I ask him if he read it would say “uh huh” or straight up “no”. You guys, this man has worked 41 years at the same company. FORTY ONE years!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t even fathom that. He has shown up day in and day out (for more years than I have been alive) at a job that was not easy on him to make sure his family had benefits, money to fund private education, money to fund the frequent amount of sports trips we went on (partly his fault), money to take us on vacations, the list goes on. I cannot remember one time that man complained about going to work which is nothing short of incredible. He has worked nights, he has worked 2nd, 3rd and whatever other shift there is (I don’t even know) to make sure WE were taken care of and our needs were met without batting an eye. If I had 1 word to describe Dad it would be grit. If you don’t know what I am talking about when I say grit, here is a definition per the trusty Wikipedia: “Grit in psychology is a positive, non-cognitive trait based on an individual's perseverance of effort combined with the passion for a particular long-term goal or end state (a powerful motivation to achieve an objective). This perseverance of effort promotes the overcoming of obstacles or challenges that lie on the path to accomplishment and serves as a driving force in achievement realization. These constructs can be conceptualized as individual differences related to the accomplishment of work rather than talent or ability”. This man is gritty on every level and it is amazing to see what he has persevered through over the years.He has taught me so much, without sitting me down and lecturing me. He is a man that teaches with his actions and I admire that so much. He has taught me the value of hard work. I don’t mean going to work and doing what is asked. If you think you work hard, watch this man. You will be shown very quickly that you can always do more, arrive earlier, push harder, make a better grade, perform better at work, ect. He has taught me the value of treating other people with respect and dignity. He has taught me the value of working hard for yourself and your family rather than for the recognition you will receive. He has taught me that you can show love through actions, selfless acts and thoughtfulness rather than being boisterous with it (thank GOD, because I do not verbally express love well). When I sit and think about it, this man has taught me a lot of my core values and beliefs and I don’t think he ever meant to (not bashing him, but I don’t think he knows the magnitude of his presence on people). Dad (AKA beer man, Dale, “damnit Dale” as mom would say) 🤣🤣 Here is my wish to you as you start retirement:

Learn how to sleep in. Waking up at 3 am to get to work an hour and a half early is no longer necessary- why did you even do that? (see what I mean about the hard work people? This man is the epitome of hard work and doing more than anyone else around him)

I hope you find and stick to the hobbies that keep you active and happy. Anyone heard of cigar box guitars? Apparently this is a thing. 🤗Dad cannot wait to start playing. I am really looking forward to family concerts. 🎸

I hope you take the trips you have longed to take, but never did because you put everyone else first. Thank God Mizzou delivered this year and will make it to a bowl

Game. Perfect timing ( thanks mom 😉).

I hope you continue to make other people feel special. You have a true gift in this department and you are not a warm and fuzzy human (I blame him for my lack of warm and fuzzies).

I hope you can now find the time to keep up with your phone and actually call your friends back. 😊 They really enjoy your company and like to talk to you. Call them back! 📱

I am beyond excited for your retirement. If anyone deserves it, it is you!

Love you,


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