Five Strategies to Maintain Your Sanity During the DREADED Dinner Rush

“I do great until I get home from work and have to put dinner on the table for the family, while responding to a million demands from my crazy children”.

I hear this comment a LOT! Oh, and I also live this day in and day out. The hour I come home from work and try and get everyone fed and happy and settled for the night is by far the most out of control hour of my day. It is also where I let my healthy choices go to the wind because I don’t have time to think about anything. Literally, it is a whirlwind. I started to pick up on this a while ago, and when I hear women struggling with the same issues, I decided to hack it and create ways to beat this.

Here are 5 things I do to help maintain my sanity and health during this time:

1. Meal prep. My success increases 99% if I meal prep for the week. When I get home, I can just pop out a pre-portioned meal, heat it up and boom it is ready.

2. Have easy access to healthy food in the pantry and fridge. If I did not get the chance to meal prep (which sometimes happens) I will have things that easy to grab (and also healthy) so I can make quick things for myself while getting other things ready. Ideas to include:

- cook a whole chicken and have it sliced into smaller pieces for a topping on a salad, or in a wrap.

-Pre-cut fruit and have it ready to grab.

- I have found packs of rice that take 90 seconds to prepare in microwave. Use that in a salad, or mix with veggies and chicken. Of course cooking from scratch is always better but let's be honest, this is a time of do or die.

3. Don’t keep junk food in the house. It is easy to grab junk food when we are in a rush and hangry (it is a deadly combo). If you want snacks, buy healthier options and ones that will not derail your dynamite day you have already worked so hard for.

4. Have a plan for your meals. Even if it is not prepped, just knowing what you are going to make for dinner will help with the frantic hour before dinner.

5. Actually look at the nutritional facts on the “snacks” you are having before dinner. Looking at how many calories we ingest just snacking before dinner is very eye opening. At least it was for me. (YIKES)

This is by far, the hardest part of my day and something I have to be conscious about or I fall into the trap of snacking like I have never eaten before.

Hope this helps! If you have other ideas share with the Julie Fitsmith Community!

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