How to Feed Yourself and Your Family Healthy Food

I want to make this as easy as possible for you. I know the number one reason people shy away from eating healthy is the logistics of not only feeding yourself, but also your family. I get it. It is different from what you are used to doing and you don’t want to waste time cooking things if no one is going to eat it.

I am going to show you what my family eats in a day so you can get an idea of how I do it. It is not rocket science, but it does take some action on my part.

Let’s start with the grocery store. I attack it as if I was making a meal.

Items I need: protein, vegetables, fat, carbohydrates, snacks and drinks.

Protein- organic chicken breast, organic grass fed ground beef, organic turkey, beans, fish, organic chicken nuggets (for the littles), protein powder, hemp seeds

Carbs- sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, starchy vegetables (squash or corn), quinoa, rice, pasta (whole grain pasta), bread, ezekial bread, organic whole grain waffles (for the littles), breakfast bars (adult and child because we are busy humans)

Fats: oils, nut butters, avocados, nuts, hummus, chia seeds

Vegetables- spinach, leafy greens, corn, green beans, frozen “steamable” mixed veggies, Carrots

Fruits- ALL the fruits, (organic no sugar added applesauce for the littles)

Snacks: because yes, we are human. Veggie straws, gold fish, cheez-its, corn chips, salsa, graham crackers, organic low sugar cereals- these are the main snacks in our house

Drinks: water, organic milk (for the littles), almond milk or coconut milk for me

The items I just listed are typically in my grocery cart. I mix up the items week to week, but for the most part, we are able to mix and match items and come up with meals.

Now that you know what I buy, I am going to show you a typical day in the life of my family and what we eat.


Julie- smoothie: almond/coconut milk, protein powder, handful of greens, peanut butter or avocado, fruit of choice, hemp seeds, chia seeds, ice

Jeremy- cliff bar

Wyatt and Clara- kid’s cliff bar or an organic whole grain waffle – usually eaten in the car on the way to child care


Julie- Large salad (almost every single day) with protein of choice, fat (avocado or nuts) and carbs (quinoa, starchy vegetable such as squash or potato), with side of Greek yogurt, or a piece of fruit.

Jeremy- large salad similar to what I pack, or sandwich, or he eats out.

Wyatt and Clara- protein of choice (whatever we have made that week), piece of fruit, vegetable (not always eaten but always on the menu), carbohydrate (rice, quinoa, or potatoes- again not always eaten but always on the menu) and small portion of “snack” AKA veggie straws.


Julie: taco salad -protein (chicken, ground beef, ground turkey or beans) on bed of lettuce with any added veggies and portion of rice/quinoa and handful of corn chips

Jeremy: Similar to what I eat, just less greens and more chips

Kids: a variation of what we eat. I cook things separately so that I can serve them. Their plate would look like this: ground beef, with beans on the side, green beans, portion of fruit, and some chips.

As you can see, we all eat a variation of the same thing. I have found that when I cook things without seasoning I can repurpose them throughout the week in different meals.

I hope this helped!

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