Why You Should Befriend a Physical Therapist

I was in a public speaking class the other day and we had to come up with a 4 minute speech on a topic that we are passionate about. Here is what came to my mind within the first 10 seconds of thinking of what to talk about. I believe that everyone should have access to their own “personal” Physical Therapist. One that knows the demands of their schedule, the demands of their body, and one that is willing to push them to meet their specific goals.

Now, this is not really a thing, unless you are Jennifer Anniston who has her own personal Physical Therapist because she gets it. Don’t believe me?

Read this article

It makes my profession sound really cool :)

In all seriousness though, October is National Physical Therapy Month so I wanted to share 3 ways Physical Therapists can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

1. We are well trained in the body. In fact, we know every muscle, nerve, tendon, and ligament in the entire body. You name it, we learned about it in a cadaver lab. Not only do we know the anatomy, but we understand how each of these tissues work together to create movement. In other words, we are movement “GURUS”. If you want to achieve something out of your comfort zone in the physical realm, go find someone who knows the ins and outs of the body and how to make your body work for YOU.

2. We understand healing times, and the amount of time it takes to build muscle and the science behind it. If you want to truly heal your body and return to exercise without chance of re-injury, a Physical Therapist is your go to choice. I hear it all the time, oh I was released by my doctor to go back to the gym. Great news, but if you were in a sling for 6 weeks, I can guarantee that your movement patterns are not ready to lift weight which results in…. you guessed it... another injury. We also will not sugar coat it. We understand the actual time it takes to build true muscle. News flash.. it takes time and persistence. We know this, understand this and create programs that create lasting success, but you have to put in the work to make it happen. Our methods are based on science and research … something I am very passionate about.

3. A Physical Therapist is someone who is passionate about education and making you the master of your body. We are trained on how to educate people on pain, movement and motivation. We want you to succeed and eventually be in charge of your body. We want you to be able to manage your symptoms on your own, without depending on someone else. I firmly believe this is what sets our profession apart from others.

While some people AKA insurance companies look at going to a Physical Therapist on an as needed basis or preventative as not “medically necessary” I would 100% argue this point. The key to healing and managing your symptoms is understanding what is going on in your body, knowing what to do in each phase of healing, and knowing how to progress your training to meet your goals.

If you haven't already, go find yourself a physical therapist and befriend them. Sit next to them at the next party and say "oh, you are a PT? Could you help me with x, y or z? We love it!

Have any lingering injuries you need help with?

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