6 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrations." -Nikola Tesla

You know me and my love of science and research. So when I started learning about “vibration” I honestly thought it was just a “new hip term”. Turns out it is backed by quantum physics which makes my heart happy.

There is no doubt that everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Sound, light, heat, motion are all forms of energy vibrating. Every cell in our body is a vibrating field of energy. We ARE vibration. And the frequency of our vibrations has an impact on our physical and emotional well-being. This is why you hear people tell you to raise your vibration, or I am getting a weird vibe from you. It is an actual thing!

It is a really complex process, that I do not fully understand, but to explain it more simply, we can equate our personal vibrations with our emotions. How you feel tells you about the level of your vibration. Let me explain.

When you feel low emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, grief, anxiety, guilt, worry, and stress, you are in a state of low vibrational frequency. When you you feel emotions such as love, joy, peace, serenity, compassion, clarity and understanding, you are in a high vibrational frequency. At a higher vibration, your perception is heightened, you are better able to understand the world around you, your life force will be stronger, abundance will flow effortlessly to you, your relationships will be harmonious. Sounds fun right?

Energy vibration is how everything that exists interacts with the universe as a whole. Vibrational frequencies transmitted determine the vibrational frequencies received. This is not just between us and the universe as we perceive it. It is between us and each other. It is between our emotional state and our physical state. In other words, like attracts like, your circumstances will mirror your personal vibrations. I have personally experienced this. If you are in a low vibration state you will attract negative situations and people; if you are in a high vibration state you will attract positive people, situations and all sorts of good opportunities.

What this really means is that your personal vibrational frequencies, whether they are low or high, determine the quality and balance of your life, and can greatly affect your life journey.

So, do you want to be in a high vibrational state or a low one?

High.. DUH! So the next questions is...Can you “raise your vibration”?

HECK YES! It’s all in the choices you make, in your thoughts and attitudes and intentions. It's in the things your surround yourself with, the people you spend time with, the things you do.

It's your choice, you can control which vibration you are in. I am choosing joy!

Here are some ways to help you to raise your vibration.


  1. Change your thoughts, change your life - Nothing is more important than your thoughts. What you focus on expands. Think positive thoughts and you can transform that energy into positive reality. And lots of good things will follow.

  2. Smile and laugh - Seek out things that make you laugh and smile and you will quickly feel more joy.

  3. Set your intention daily - Your intention is more than the way you want to feel - it’s about the higher vibration that you want to embody and carry with you into the world. What energy do you want to project today? Joy? Love? Peace? Confidence? Remind yourself of your choice, like a mantra, to firmly install that choice in your heart and mind. For example, "I am love".

  4. Forgive, forget and move on - Unhook yourself from all the past negative experiences you tend to focus on, forgive yourself and anyone who hurt you in the past, and you will release yourself to enjoy the beauty of the present moment. Letting go is freedom. This is high vibration. This is so POWERFUL!

  5. Stop judging - We are often so quick to judge everything we see and do, everyone we meet. But judgement is a very low vibration, tends to be very negative, and it's often not founded on reality. The first step is to notice when you are being judgemental. Then forgive yourself for judging. And finally you can start to let that tendency go, until non-judgement becomes your way of being.

  6. Surround yourself with people who exude positive energy - If you have low-vibration people in your life, wrap them in your own field of positivity, help them to raise their own vibration, and bring some light into their lives. And some people you will just have to recognize that they are not your people, and let them go.

I hope this intrigues you as much as it does me!

Julie Smith

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