My Zyia Why

I was challenged by my mentor to share my “why” for joining the Zyia Active Company. I know why I joined in my heart, but sharing that “why” with others makes it much more powerful, so here goes.

For starters… My “why” for my passion project, Julie FitSmith, is rooted in a deep place in my heart. Every single business decision I make boils down to my why. So let’s start there. It is my mission in life to live the life I DESERVE and to inspire and motivate women to live the life they DESERVE. I approach health and wellness from an integrative standpoint and design my coaching programs from the four pillars of what I believe make up wellness: spirituality, relationships, physical activity, and career.

Most women find me and want help losing weight. This is how MY transformation started. I hated my body, had a poor self-image, no self-confidence… you get it. It wasn’t until my mom passed away and I pursued large amounts of personal development that the light bulb went off and I had a complete “mind” transformation.

Here is what is REALLY interesting. After talking with my clients, and really digging into their four pillars of wellness, I noticed a few themes:

  1. Women play small in their career (due to a number of reasons we won’t go into now). Being as this is a pillar of wellness, this is often an underlying problem eventually leading to poor wellness habits.

  2. Women don’t take the time to pour into their own personal development.

  3. Financial stress is often the root of many poor wellness habits.

I kept seeing these themes. and honestly just sat on it, because I was not sure how or if I could help these women deal with these specific struggles. Then I was introduced to Zyia Active.

My Zyia journey started almost a year ago. I watched a woman who I admire constantly talk about her experience with Zyia. She talked about the quality product, but what I was TRULY drawn to was the opportunity. The mission of the company and the opportunity the company provided each individual rep.

Let’s start with the company’s four pillars (yes they use the word pillars just like I do, so we immediately were besties)

  1. Light (something that makes vision possible)

  2. Activity (the quality or state of being active)

  3. Community (a unifying body of individuals)

  4. Uplift (to hold up or serve as a foundation or prop for: to lift up: elevate)

Reading the company’s mission and seeing their 4 pillars ignited a spark in my heart. I had no idea why, but I knew it was time for me to jump into this business. It was a gut decision. Those are usually my best.

My initial “why” for starting with Zyia, which was a short 5 months ago, was to add another revenue stream. I have big plans for my personal health and wellness business, Julie FitSmith, and in order to make those plans happen we needed additional income.

Since adding team members to my Zyia active business a new passion has erupted in me that loops me back to the “themes” that were coming up from my personal coaching clients: playing small at work, poor personal development habits, financial stress. I now see that Zyia is my avenue for not only pursuing MY dream life, but also a way to inspire women to dream a little, create a vision for their life, uplift them along their journey, and a way to build a community of women who are actively pursing their dream.

You see, Zyia fits right into my health and wellness pillars and I didn’t see it until a few weeks ago.

My Zyia “why” is rooted in the same place my health and wellness goals are rooted. I will pursue a life that I DESERVE and I will grow a community of women who not only know their worth, but know that the only thing standing in the way of their dreams is themselves.

If you have just a hint of this in your heart, let’s talk. I would love to share my experience with you.

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