How I Maintain Healthy Eating While on the Road

One of the hardest things I have had to figure out is how to eat healthy while also enjoying myself on out of town trips. Over the years I have found items that are healthy, easy to pack and easy to prep.

Below are the options I packed on our lake trip this weekend.

Breakfast: I bought Rebbl drinks that were jam packed with clean ingredients, carbs, protein and fat so I was full but did not have to worry about bringing a blender for a smoothie. I highly recommend them. There are a ton of different flavors. Some with protein, some with coffee. Pick what is best for you based on your goals.

Here is a link to REBBL website. I found mine at my local grocery store.

I packed two drinks which left one morning without a drink. My mother-in-law always makes a great breakfast so I ate eggs and sausage on the third morning. Of course there were B and Gs as they are my husbands favorite breakfast food, but I skipped them knowing I would be sitting in a car for 4 hours. :) If I was going to be active, I probably would have eaten one.

Lunch: I found pre-made salads (with a fork!) at my local grocery store. This was PERFECT for the boat. Threw it in the cooler and bam! My lunch was packed. It was healthy, it filled me up and I got my greens in. :)

Snacks: White Cheez-its (have zero nutritional value, just love them and so do my kids so I ate them). Nut thins (GREAT option), Peanut butter pretzels (again, nothing great about them but a fun road snack) and Mini Club Crackers (just plain good).

Dinner: Dinner is where I get creative with what is served. I always remember this formula: protein+carb+fat+veggie= happy plate. Both nights my mother-in-law cooked dinner (she is master at making meals while simultaneously having fun).

Night one: We had hamburgers/hotdogs, salad and roasted potatoes. Julie's plate looked like this: big portion of salad (greens), 1/2 hamburger- no bun because I had potatoes on my plate (protein and fat), and potatoes (carb).

Night two: Sloppy joe's (BIG fan of these), salad and veggies and dip. Julie's plate looked like this: 1/2 bun with sloppy joe on top (open faced which gave me carbs, and protein), salad (greens) and veggies and dip (double dose of greens with some fat).

Dessert: Annie's Organic lemon drops (SO GOOD!). Does the fact that they are organic mean they are not full of sugar? No, they are still a cookie, just clean ingredients. We also may or may not have enjoyed a S'more. :)

Drinks: This weekend I enjoyed:

Lemonade flavored Truly

LIVE Kombucha

Good Ole H2O

This is a good picture of how I eat on the road. It is not perfect, but neither am I.

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