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Tired of Being Overwhelmed by What to Eat and How to Exercise?

Join the 30 Day 

Commit2Fit Challenge!

  • 30 Structured Days with full calendar

  • Full Body Functional Workouts

  • Healthy Meal Suggestions

  • Daily Challenges and Goals

  • Weekly intention setting and mindset tools

  • Live Webinar on low back pain

  • Expert Cueing + Full Videos to Follow

  • FREE Your Body and your mind!





Who is this challenge for?

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

  • #Commit2Fit is for those who are ready to feel BETTER in their bodies. We will be sweating as we move through the week, but this guide goes far beyond exercise. It is for those ready to learn the foundations of health and wellness. 

  • Looking for more structure on how to ideally set up your week and not have to think about it? This program will provide a 30 day calendar, weekly calendar, and daily check-in. Beyond having day-to-day plans, you will have the accountability to show up each day with a community joining in with you! 

  • Don't have a lot of equipment? Want to workout at home? No problem! We're going to get creative using towels, ottomans, chairs, and understanding how to change our positioning to add more load in body weight exercises! 

  • Once you sign up and pay you will receive an email with a downloadable Welcome Package PDF as well as a link to join the FB community. 

  • Every Saturday before the new week, I will send you an email with detailed information on what to expect for the week ahead.  The first Saturday you will receive an email is on October 31st.

  • Every week you will receive 3 workouts, healthy meal suggestions for meal prep, and a daily wellness challenge. 

  • Yes, some of the workouts will repeat throughout the month. Remember, if we want to feel something different in the body, we must maintain consistency as we explore and learn new movements! The challenge will be to see how your body progresses throughout the month and how well you can commit to your fitness. 

I can't wait to see you crush your goals!

How the Challenge Works: 

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