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Every patient comes into my clinic with a unique issue they're hoping to solve.

Every session we will work together to evaluate, diagnose, and move forward with the best course of treatment. 



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Telehealth Physical Therapy

Get the care you need at home

A full Physical Therapy session without leaving your home? Yes, please! While telehealth visits became more accessible in recent years, I have long offered and practiced online therapy. I was one of the first Physical Therapists in this area to venture into this type of treatment. I can help you reduce pain and/or recover from injury from the comfort of your own home.


I will personally guide you through a full evaluation to determine exactly what is causing your pain or limitations and teach a customized home treatment program to address the impairments found in the evaluation. 


Text or Call 314-749-9330 to set up your free telehealth physical therapy consultation.

Massage Therapy
Julie FitSmith manual therapy

This is quite literally a hands-on approach to healing and wellness. Manual Therapy techniques are skilled hand movements and skilled passive movements of joints and soft tissue and are intended to improve tissue extensibility, increase range of motion, induce relaxation, mobilize or manipulate soft tissue and joints, modulate pain and reduce soft tissue swelling, inflammation or restriction.

Manual therapy is what sets my practice apart from other clinics. I have a manual therapy certification, extensive training in the application of manual therapy and years of experience in patient care. 

Manual Therapy

a hands on approach to healing


Therapeutic Exercise

Gain the strength you need

This is so much more than squats, lunges, and curls! Therapeutic exercise is the systematic performance or execution of planned physical movements or activities intended to enable the patient to remediate or prevent impairments of body functions and structures, enhance activities and participation, reduce risk, optimize overall health, and enhance fitness and well-being.


After a thorough evaluation we will create a unique and detailed plan just for you. Therapeutic Exercise is key in getting you back to your life without pain or limitation. While manual therapy is necessary for healing, therapeutic exercise will give you the strength back to return to your every day life.


My patients like my approach because we make the most of our sessions together. Since many of the therapeutic exercises can be performed outside of the clinic (after some practice and coaching) I will ask you to continue them on your own time. We will not use our time together doing things that you can be doing on your own. 

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