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The magic of a retreat doesn't happen every weekend, but the elements of the Discover You and Awaken Retreats are constantly transformed into something accessible to everyone, everyday!


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We help and equip people age 30+ to be freed from the confines of of painful mobility issues without the use of medications or surgery, allowing them to return to the life they love without physical limitations or modifications. 

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 Holistic Physical Therapy & Wellness

Having Pain?

If you are an active adult who is suffering from pain, my holistic approach to Physical Therapy will quickly get you back to the active, pain free life that you love. 

If you’ve found your way to this page, it’s likely that you have some sort of injury, pain, or movement limitation.


Are you having a hard time deciding on exactly what to try first?

Or maybe you’ve already tried various treatments but you’re still in pain?


Many of my clients find me after trying to modify their activity, rest their injury, or they have been given pain pills and muscle relaxers without any improvement.


Some have tried physical therapy before but were at a clinic where they just repeated a bunch of exercises they could do on their own time, and the physical therapist rushed from one patient to the next … rarely using any hands-on manual therapy or spending much one-on-one time with them.


Some have even had surgery that didn’t solve the problem, and occasionally made them even worse.


Does any of the above sound like your current situation? …

If you can relate to any of the above scenarios, please know that you are not alone.


You just need the right treatment to get you back to the pain free life you love.


We have the treatment you need. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Health Coach, Julie has worked with hundreds of patients just like you- patients who had to modify their activity level- only to find that wasn’t the answer. Julie’s holistic approach to physical therapy empowers you to heal and quickly return to the life you love.


Connect with Julie

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Free Phone Consultation 

What Patients are Saying

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St. Louis, MO

I simply cannot say enough about how much Julie’s program has helped me! I completed her 6 Month Transformation program. When I started with Julie, my confidence was at a low point. Julie worked with me on an individual basis to strengthen my mindset, provided an individualized nutrition plan, and customized workout plans to help me reach my goals. By the end of the program, she helped me achieve the highest goal I set for myself. Julie supported me and held me accountable, but most importantly she believed in me. My confidence and self worth have tremendously improved as a result of working with Julie.



St. Charles, IL

I am 33 years old and live an active lifestyle. I am a Mom, work full-time as a pediatric physical therapist and enjoy running, playing basketball, and HIIT exercises. I have an autoimmune thyroid disease, am very health-conscious and have added preventative medicine since having my daughter, and I also see a chiropractor regularly for wellness adjustments. I started having neck pain without a specific injury, and I thought it was maybe from some increased stress and poor posture. I did some stretching on my own and continued to get adjusted by my chiropractor for nearly a month before I realized that relief was only temporary and I was uncomfortable in almost every position. My neck pain was impacting my sleep, causing my arms to go numb overnight and made driving my car, playing with my daughter, and even sitting at a desk miserable. Google was not helpful, my background as a pediatric PT made me assume I was missing something else but I wasn’t sure what it was, and when I had asked my chiropractor about what to do, he suggested that I sit up straighter anytime I thought about it...which was NOT helping.  Finally, I asked Dr. Smith to do an evaluation. 


Dr. Smith used her skills in teletherapy to do a full body evaluation. She had me go through movements and asked questions. Without laying hands on me, she could cause my symptoms to appear or disappear and quickly discovered a few underlying concerns no one had noticed. She gave me a few simple exercises which fit well into my busy schedule and required no additional equipment. In 3 days my sleep improved and in a week I was starting to feel back to normal! As I recovered from that episode of neck pain, Dr. Smith continued to support my wellness journey with adding several more preventative exercises to decrease the likelihood of having my pain return. 


Dr. Smith’s knowledge, expertise in movement, and her individualized and holistic approach to therapy is a dynamite combination. I have referred my husband with forearm pain, my basketball teammates with all of their aches and pains, and ALL of my Mom friends with postpartum activity restrictions or changes to Dr. Smith. Her ability to understand the needs of her client, provide meaningful and reasonable interventions, and offer support for long-term change and lasting effects is incredible and I am continuing to benefit from her care.

Image by gerhard crous


St. Louis, MO

About three years ago I tore my left groin muscle playing hockey. I mean I had bruising from groin to knee. I am also a firefighter and needed to get better quick. With Julie as my pt I only missed one shift of work and was back on the ice within six months! Although it was challenging at times, Julie was able to push me within my capabilities to heal the way that kept me competitive when I finally returned to the ice.

Habits Holding You Back



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